TAXI AIR: Artist in Residency Program

Being a working artist in NYC comes with a very long list of challenges. The most considerable of these for me is finding the space to build large-scale projects. I’ve always loved building things but getting my hands dirty and bringing ideas for sculptures to fruition has always been difficult. The chance to finally do so was a dream.

Working in the TAXI art studio in Denver, CO was incredible. The studio has lofty ceilings, a huge garage door that opens to the Platte river, and clean design aesthetics around the entire campus. Being at TAXI was such a great change of pace for me and for my creative inspiration. I converted the studio into a workshop, bringing in power tools and breaking down raw materials that were recycled from left-over components from the various buildings on the campus. I learned so much about working with this new style and media that I’ve envisioned for such a long time.

My goal was create something tangible and simply unplug for a while. We now take in so much digital content and have our faces in front of glowing blue screens. It felt so enriching to put all of my focus on something analog, tangible and drastically different than what I normally create. I was allowed to try something new, and was encouraged to do so. This program allowed me to do so much in the short month that I was there and left Denver with so many more ideas for future projects.